About Us

There are a few things which set us apart from other early childhood settings….

  1. We strongly believe in children leading their own learning.

    Research has proven children learn best when they are engaged and following their own interests. With our support children set their own challenges and goals. As they strive to meet them, they will learn their limitiations and develop the confidence to push past some of these. Children learn to assess their work, reflect on successes and failures, hypothosise, predict, experiment, challenge ideas, research, make connections between known and new ideas, problem solve and celebrate! Achieving self set goals builds self esteem and mana. Our role as teachers is to support children’s interests and extend their thinking in a variety of ways.

  2. We recognise every child is unique

    with different learning styles, dispositions and schemas. Their funds of knowledge - the knowledge children already bring with them, is used to help extend their learning in a style that suits them and makes new information and concepts relatable to them

  3. We believe risk taking is an essential part of learning.

    Children at Gail’s climb trees, use real knives, and are encouraged to share their ideas and set their own challenges and goals. Children who are given opportunities to engage in risk taking and risk management become better equipped adults; Being able to deal with change of circumstances, decision making and having trust in their own judgement better than those who have limited opportunities to engage in risk taking. Children learn to trust their instincts and develop the ability to make judgements when faced with new tasks.

  4. Our playgrounds are set in a natural environment

    with plenty of space, designed to encourage children to extend their physical abilities for optimum development of spatial awareness, strength, both large and fine muscle development, balance and coordination. Children use this natural setting as an extension of their play area and resources. Using items they find to extend their learning and finding new opportunities to explore and investigate e.g. frozen puddles in winter or blooming flowers in spring.

  5. We have a teaching team second to none

    with 14 fully qualified teachers! All are passionate about children’s care and learning and share a common vision and philosophy. Each of our teachers are also unique with different strengths which they bring to a collaborative team

  6. Enviroschool

    For the last couple of years we have been developing sustainable practices in the centre and have some exciting initiatives on the go. Our main goal is to encourage our children and families to learn how to care for their environment thereby lessening their carbon footprint. Our children become kaitiaki (guardians) of their environment and build a deep relationship with papatuanuku.


"I thank you for the wonderful care you have taken of my baby"

"you have a fantastic centre and wonderful team!"